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Affordable Pricing, Expert and Quality Services We Provide.

With year of experience in Facilities Management and a professional team dedicated in offering customer the best value for money products and services, Al Afdal Fee Alkon has formed and is growing everyday with a reputation for being excellent value for money with an unbeatable service.

We pride ourselves on our professional high-quality services and low price. Committed to providing all of our customer, large and small with prompt professional response across our full range of services. Al Afdal Fee Alkon aims at to be unequalled reputation for providing grate services and in forming durable affiliation with clients by developing open and transparent relationships that are based on mutual trust and outstanding services.

Al Afdal Fee Alkon’s strategy in UAE is to meet the requirement of Small, Medium and large-scale companies. This includes corporate, industrial and small-scall companies including government, semi government and privately managed prospective clients. Al Afdal Fee Alkon’s solid background and positive growth plan make it the smart choice in Facilities Management

Every business focus on their core revenue-generating activities. Yet, every business has non-core activities that need to be managed. If you are Serious about your business, then you should be serious about outsourcing your non-core activities to Al Afdal Fee Alkon

What is exclusive concern of Al Afdal Fee Alkon is that our Facilities management programs result in quantitative considerable that justly support our client goals. Because Al Afdal Fee Alkon service offerings are diversified and we believe in the development of tailored solutions for each client’s specific business and set of circumstances. Al Afdal Fee Alkon aims to support and modernize systems and processes within our client’s non-core business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify facilities management to our clients and to provide a quality services to our customers, at a price which is reasonable and is a good value for money, and to operate the business profitably and to reach every client.

Our Vision

Our vision of the future is to be recognised and respected by our clients and customers for our integrity, quality of services delivery, and innovation in operating our business and providing a high-quality service delivery. Our progressive stance will encourage new partnerships, fostering greater efficiency and a stronger economic union.


Understanding current and future customer needs, and meeting customer requirement and try to exceed the expectations of customers. Al Afdal Fee Alkon attains customer focus and also what customer requirement to be met to ensure that customers are satisfied is our only objective. We deliver what it says on the tin’ and we always keep our promises

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are extremely proud to provide grate services to other and Al Afdal Fee Alkon we make it our duty to fully understand our clients and customers by listening to their needs and understanding what we do. From the Director downwards all our managers and employees remain accessible and responsive, friendly and resourceful.

Our Working Process

What is exclusive concern of Al Afdal Fee Alkon is that our Facilities management programs result in quantitative considerable that justly support our client goals

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